Lance and Danette

Lance and Danette

Friday, July 25, 2008

Parent Night at The Wave

The kids did a great job with their Parent Night presentation last night. First was a pizza dinner for all the families in the Fellowship Hall. Then the show started. The counselor's did a very tongue in cheek performance of "A Day in the Life of a Wave Camper" through interpretative dance. So, so, so funny! Hysterical! Bailey is SUCH a ham! Lance and I were laughing our heads off. The parents truly cannot ask for a better staff to care for their kids. How special each of them are!

Darby was called on stage to do "Jiggy, Jiggy".... it's this dance song that the kids love! "Hey there, Darby, you're a real cool cat. You've got lots of this and lots of that. We all think you're really, really neat so get on your feet and do the jiggy-jiggy beat!" He was dancing all over the stage...Again, HAM!

It was a fun night and the kids have had a fantastic summer. One more week of summer camp and then it's back to thinking about school. The first full day for Darby is August 11 and Bailey begins August 18. Bailey will have cheer camp beginning next week and she is excited about that. Her first Boone Football game to cheer at will be Friday, August 29!!!!

Randy Pausch Dies of Cancer at 47

Author of The Last Lecture, Randy Pausch, passed away today at the age of 47. I have followed his struggle with pancreatic cancer since hearing his "Last Lecture" given at Carnegie Mellon in September 2007. At that time he had just been given a time frame of, "... 3 to 6 months of good health left". He defied those odds by faith, love of family, optimism, passion for life and his life's work and by prioritizing. In addition to the insightful lecture he gave in September, he also did one on Time Management at UV in November 2007. I believe this one to be extremely practical and helpful, especially for someone who can let work get the best of her.
We will all die some day. We all face the same fate, his was just faster. But I found the journey and the way he traveled to that end to be very inspiring and loving. The Last Lecture - Carnegie Mellon September 2007 Time Management - University of Virginia November 2007 Buy the Last Lecture