Lance and Danette

Lance and Danette

Friday, May 30, 2008

We Have A/C

Lance got the new 2 1/2 ton package unit installed last night on the south end of the house. We did not run it through the night because he still needs to run duct, but it was blowing ice cold! I was in charge of buying the little wire nut cover thingies and a breaker at Lowe's last night. Needless to say, I had to return to the store because I got the wrong little wire nut cover thingies (big difference between orange, red and yellow!) and I needed a double breaker with the little "C" shaped whatsamawhosit on it. It's all quite technical.

We still need to get a coil set for the unit on the north end of the house and have it charged with freon. We will have around 7 1/2 tons total... lots of air, but we will need it once the sun room is done. It will be mostly glass, west facing and that will take us to 3,700 square feet of living space. We have been very fortunate with a long and comfortable spring. Also we installed GREAT insulation which really helps. It will get hot this weekend and we will have A/C just in time.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Schooooool's... OUT...for...SUMMER!

Unlike some parents, I actually ADORE summer time. It's when we can get into a more normal routine with the kids. I am looking forward to a great one. Bailey has one more day of school and will come in tomorrow evening. She will officially be a Sophomore! Darby's last day was last Wednesday and he is now officially a 6th grader - middle "schooler". Both kids made Honor Roll all year and I am proud.

This week Darby started The Wave summer day camp at our church and was excited to see all his friends. It is a unique and enriching opportunity for the kids and I have been blessed to have them in a program like this. Bailey began as a Junior Counselor for the Wave in the 8th grade. This year she actually gets a pay check. I am really proud of her.

I don't have much planned for summer so far. Lance and I are getting away to Annapolis for the 4th as we have been consumed by this house renovation and need to get away. Darby is going next week to visit his grandparents (the Tew's) in Florida, but that is about all on the books so far.

We are open to anyone visiting up here in beautiful Tennessee. I hope to get home sometime during the summer too!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Bailey is a Boone Brave!

Bailey had cheerleading tryouts at Boone High School on Friday afternoon... and.... she made it! Not only did she make the squad but she made VARSITY... the only sophomore to do so!!! Way to go, Bae! She is transferring to Boone in the fall as she was accepted into their magnet program. She was one of only a few students to get in from PCCA. It will be a tough course load and now add cheerleading and she has a FULL year ahead. It is a good move academically for her though. This school aggressively works to get their seniors placed into top notch universities all over the country. Go Braves...

Monday, May 5, 2008

New Refrigerator... Making Progress!

We have a new fridge in the kitchen... I was so excited. We have waited and been patient and the perfect deal fell into our laps on Saturday evening. This thing is huge and looks great... and it's a Whirpool Gold! My faith is fairly strong with this brand... especially if it involves water of any kind! We are happy about being one step closer to finishing in the kitchen. Little by little... piece by piece we are getting there. We have "new fridge" happiness!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Flowers for the Cure!

Buy pink Gerber daisies, dahlias and geraniums at Lowe's through May 31 and Lowe's will donate 10% of the retail sales price to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. I chose these gorgeous dahlias in honor of my best friend, Teresa Ford, and in memory of Mary Jean Brannon. Get Involved... Together we can find a cure!

Our Home

Lance and I purchased what will hopefully be our last home in June 2007! We opted to buy an older brick house in Hendersonville, but it is in a very desirable location coming toward the peninsula. The yards are big! Ours is a 1/2 acre, so we are not right on top of our neighbors - who, by the way, are WONDERFUL!

We (well, really Lance) have completely gutted the entire house. He replaced all the systems...plum-BING, HVAC, electrical... he replaced every piece of sub-floor with new... all new drywall, new appliances, new bathrooms, new hardwood... I am in awe every day of all he knows and can do. He takes such pride in his work. This has been a process of not just re-working a home, but for me a life lesson of completely trusting another person. Miss In Control is not in control of this renovation. There were so many decisions to make that I think, at some point, I stopped making them and just let Lance take over. He is amazing at visualizing a space and making it beautiful. All his designs are very tasteful and of fantastic craftsmanship! It's also been a quiet lesson in patience and waiting. My husband is a genius!