Lance and Danette

Lance and Danette

Friday, June 27, 2008

Bailey's Grades

Bailey's official grades this past nine weeks were straight A's, which gives her a STRONG 4.27 GPA! Way to go, Bae!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Time....1st Wedding Anniversary

I love the pace of summer - I truly do. Everyone pitched in this weekend for our garage sale on Saturday, except Darby (it was his Dad's birthday this weekend). Jacob was the mascot... wore a clown nose, big glasses and a rainbow wig. Meagan even got into the act. Cracked us all up! He welcomed everyone who walked up the drive. We had a good turn out and have decided to do it one more time on July 12th. After the garage sale we headed over to Lance's parent's house for a fun cookout.... Terry is fierce on the grill. I made marinated cucumber salad with cucumbers from our garden. YUM! All the kids went swimming and had a great time! Jacob got stung by a wasp and never made a peep. It was a red wasp too... hurt twice as bad. What a trooper. Sunday was church in the NEW Fellowship Hall which was great. Meagan was "starving" to death at about 11:30am. She and Bailey are my rabbits. They like all vegetables! So, I made an early supper of baked chicken with this buttery cracker crust on the top, turnip greens, buttered corn, mashed potatoes and chicken gravy. Jacob said, "It's so homey here." I can think of no greater compliment. The house brimming with kids is the just the best. Tonight is 'Swim Mondays' at Danny and Anita Dickey's house, one of neighbors. They have a nice pool and the kids have a lot of fun. Today is Lance's and my 1st wedding anniversary! I am so grateful for him in my life and the joy he brings to me and the rest of the family. He is my everything! We are officially celebrating our anniversary next week in Annapolis with Teresa and Justin.

Monday, June 16, 2008

WARNING: Sun Worshippers

I went two weeks ago for my yearly Dermatologist appointment based on my mother and father's history. I had four biopsies. All FOUR were dyplastic moles. They have over a 90% chance of becoming melanomas within 5 years! Not Basal cell carcinomas but the full blown BAD BOYS!!! So, there were two that were totally taken care of via the the biopsies... meaning all the cells were captured in the biopsy... GONE! There are two more... one on my right forearm and one on my abdomen that need more work. That is OK. A bit uncomfortable... just a little shot and then a slight "punch" and a stitch or two. That's the small price I pay for worshipping the sun and being a native Floridan! Bottom line is EVERYONE needs to go to the Dermo to get checked out.... it's worth 45 minutes of your time! We can still love the sun, we just need this in our yearly regimen of "check up" items.... we catch 'em early and they are no big deal!! It is sooooo worth it. I love you all!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lance's Garden

We were able to pick our first squash of the season! Lance literally cut them off the monterous vines and handed them to me. I washed them and cut them up, cooked them with some onion and butter for dinner last night. We are talking vine to plate in 20 minutes. Bailey says they were the BEST she ever tasted! Now remember Lance grew everything - the squash, tomatoes and cucumbers - from seeds! Completely organic and what a difference in the taste!! Lance has grown food for our family - pretty cool!

Out of the blue our neighbor, Todd Ross, brought over two huge BBQ'd chicken halves made with homemade BBQ sauce. They were absolutely delicious .... a really nice surprise because I only had to make sides for last night's dinner! Bailey and I are making pound cakes for all our neighbors this weekend. We have some really great ones.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bailey is learning to drive... BEEP, BEEP!

Bailey has passed her Learner's Permit exam in Florida! She still needs to go to the DVM to get her official license; but, she is ready to go. My only stipulation to her getting her license when she turns 16 is that she knows how to drive a standard. My parents were both adamant about my knowing how to drive a stick because what if there was an emergency and that was the only vehicle available to drive? So I drive a standard and I am taking her to Hendersonville High School parking lot tonight and over the next few months this summer to get her comfortable being behind the wheel. I am excited to be teaching her actually. She is such a great kid and I am thinking of it as a fun new adventure!